Chemical Oxygen Demand

It is vital that industrial effluents comply with regulatory consents imposed by local water autorities/environment agents. Discharge maximums are often set for COD and TOC as these general measurements of discharge water quality. Other consent levels can be set for the process of specific items such as chromium, phosphate and nitrogen Heavy fines are possible for continued breaches of consent values. The Lovibond ® COD system is simple to operate, requires no training and enables industry to rapidly assess effluent quality and remain fully compliant.

The Lovibond® Chemical Oxygen Demand system is made up of 3 components; the MD100 COD photometer, the RD125 thermoreactor and COD Vario tube tests.


MD100 COD Photometer

  • MD100 COD photometer dedicated to COD testing.
  • Maximum operating reliability and convenience
  • Simple button layout
  • Robust waterproof design
  • Large backlit display
  • Small scale, sealed tube
  • 3 Ranges:
    • 0 to 150 mg/l (ISO 15705:2002)
    • 0 to 1500 mg/l (ISO 15705:2002)
    • 0 to 15000 mg/l

RD125 Thermoreactor

  • 3 Temperature ranges for up to 5 different applications
    • 100 °C for Total Chromium, Total Nitrogen & Total Phosphate
    • 120 °C for TOC
    • 150 °C for COD
  • Pre-set reaction times
    • 30 minutes
    • 60 minutes
    • 120 minutes
  • Auto switch off with LED indication & beep alarm
  • 24 holes for 16mm diameter vials

COD VARIO Tube Tests

The Lovibond® COD VARIO tube tests use a sealed tube system based upon the standard dichromate method and can be consindered as an estimate of the theoretical oxygen demand, i.e the amount of oxygen consumed in total chemical oxidation of the organic constituents present in the water.

Code Product Range Qty
2420720 COD LR Vials 0 to 150 mg/l O2 25
2420721 COD MR Vials 0 to 1500 mg/l O2 25
2420722 COD HR Vials 0 to 15000 mg/l O2 25
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