Photometer Dedicated to Boiler Water

    • One instrument to carry out all the tests associated with boiler water systems.
    • Ideal for routine, on-site system monitoring.
    • Photometric measurement for accurate, repeatable results.
    • Easy-to-use, push button technology with step to step guides.
    • Select range of required reagents to complete your kit.
    • Combine with pH, conductivity and drop test chemistries to provide a complete analysis program.


The engineer can select and incorporate the Lovibond® / DTK Water reagents required for the monitoring of specific water treatment inhibitors. Additional components such as pH and conductivity meters and drop test chemistries may also be added to the kit, providing a bespoke and complete analysis program.

For more details on the MD100, including technical specifications please look at the Lovibond MD100 page

MD100 Boiler Water Photometer

Contents Range Displayed As Code
0.01 to 0.25
mg/l Al
VARIO Aluminium ECR/F20 Powder Pack (100 pk) 53500 (set)
VARIO Aluminium Hexamine/F20 Powder Pack (100 pk)
VARIO Aluminium ECR Masking Reagent (25 ml)
0.5 to 20
mg/l Cl
Chloride Reagent A (65 ml) SDT859
Chloride Reagent B (65 ml) SDT860
Copper 0.3 to 5 mg/l Cu
Copper No 1 Tablets (50 pk) SDT240-50
Copper No 2 Tablets (50 pk) SDT239-50
DEHA 20 to 500 µg/l
VARIO Oxyscav 1 Rgt Powder Pack (200 pk) 536000 (set)
VARIO DEHA 2 Rgt (100 ml)
Hydrazine 50 to 500 µg/l N2H4
Hydrazine Test Powder (40 g) SDT551
Iron LR 0.03 to 2 mg/l Fe
FE5 – Iron LR Reagent (65 ml) SDT110
Oxygen, dissolved with Vacu-Vials® 10 to 800 µg/l O2
Vacu-vial® Liquid (30 ml) K-7553
Phosphate 5 to 80 mg/l PO4
PB1 – Phosphate HR (65 ml) SDT111
PB2 – Phosphate HR (65 ml) SDT112
Polyacrylate 1 to 30 mg/l
A1 – Buffer (65 ml) SDT082
A2 – Precipitant (65 ml) SDT083
Silica HR 1 to 90 mg/l SiO2
VARIO Silica HR Molybdate F10 Powder Pack (100 pk) 535700 (set)
VARIO Silica HR Acid Rgt F10 Powder Pack (100 pk)
VARIO Silica HR Citric Acid F10 Powder Pack (100 pk)
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