Photometer and Fluorometer

MD640 800x800

      • PTSA within a high accuracy field photometer
      • Built-in PTSA measurement without adapter.
      • Over 120 methods.
      • PTSA measurement (florescence).
      • Data storage and transfer.
      • Bluetooth® connectivity


The MD 640 has all the features of the MD 610, with added florescence capability for the determination of PTSA in water systems.

PTSA (1,3,6,8 pyrenetetrasulfonic acid, sodium salt) is a fluorescent material that is being increasingly added to specialty water treatment products to enable real time product dose analysis.

PTSA is detectable at ppb levels, is non-toxic and chemically stable, making it an ideal additive to trace throughout complex water systems.

The MD 640 has a built-in UV excitation LED that enables accurate detection and quantification of PTSA from 0 to 1000 ppb. No additional adapters or reagents required, just insert the sample and read the result.

Accurately measuring product dose levels help the water treatment specialist to control water chemistry; prevent corrosion, scale and biological fouling; increase system efficiency and ultimately save energy and costs.

The MD 640 is pre-programmed with over 120 analytical methods to enable quantification of naturally occurring dissolved metals and non-metals such as copper, iron, calcium, magnesium and carbonates, plus a range of water treatment additives such as DEHA, Molybdenum phosphate, poylacrylates, PTSA, organo-phosphate (phosphonates) and more empowering the field engineer to effectively manage many different water systems and treatments with one compact, waterproof and rugged handheld device.

Chemical Structure of PTSA

PTSA Diagram

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